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Choreographing Theatrical Scenes for Aerial Robots through Keyframe Interpolation

Artists and choreographers who wish to employ robots in theatrical productions may have trouble designing dynamically feasible robot trajectories. This short paper describes a simple design approach based on storyboarding, a common method for communicating spatial and temporal motions. Our approach allows a user to move physical robot tokens around a mock-up of the environment. A camera captures snapshots, or “keyframes,” of the user’s design, and a robotics expert or AI planner can then use well-understood trajectory generation methods to create robot trajectories from these keyframes.

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Persistent Robot Formation Flight via Online Substitution

This work presents a means of ensuring continuous operation by computing non-colliding paths to guide robots in and out of a planned, long duration path, allowing robots to temporarily depart and recharge. The focus of our approach is to quickly generate collision-free paths that minimally diverge from the original plan. In this manner, a user could generate an extremely long-duration plan that neglects battery capacity limitations and rely on our approach to swap depleted and charged robots, ensuring continuous operation.

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