Posts tagged Aditya Dhawale
Reactive Collision Avoidance using Real-Time Local Gaussian Mixture Model Maps

A robot flying in unknown cluttered environments must be able to create a real-time map of its immediate surroundings and make sure that it does not collide into any obstacles. In this work, we propose representing the world as a mixture of Gaussian distributions, which enables us to represent the environment as a compressed and succinct representation. We use the geometric properties of this representation to enable efficient collision checking the robot surroundings.

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Fast Monte-Carlo Localization on Aerial Vehicles using Approximate Continuous Belief Representations

A robot or a team of robots operating in large known environments require accurate knowledge of their exact location in the environment, in order to execute complex tasks. Limited size, weight and power constraints lead to constraints on the on-board computational capacity of aerial robots. This work presents a Monte-Carlo based real-time localization framework capable of running on such robots, enabled by using a compressed representation of the environment point cloud.

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Fast and Agile Vision-Based Flight with Teleoperation and Collision Avoidance on a Multirotor

We present a system capable of flying fast and with agility while avoiding obstacles and obeying user commands. Our flying hexarotor robot can be flown as aggressively as a racing drone by an untrained operator while actively avoiding collisions with the surrounding environment.

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