Nathan Michael


Nathan Michael is an Associate Research Professor and the Director of the Resilient Intelligent Systems Lab at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU), where he has authored more than 150 papers and supervised more than 25 PhD and MS students.

Nathan has spent more than a decade leading groundbreaking research focused on control, perception, and cognition for both single and multi-robot systems. Through his research, Nathan has authored publications about robotics systems on topics ranging from robust state estimation for micro aerial vehicles to trajectory planning for large teams of interchangeable robots. His research has been nominated for, or the recipient of, 10 best paper awards (AIAA, ICRA, RSS, DARS, CASE, SSRR) as well as the Popular Mechanics Breakthrough Award (2013) and Robotics Society of Japan Best Paper Award (2014).

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Nathan has acted as principal investigator (PI) on several ongoing and past research programs supported by ARL, AFRL, DARPA, DOE, DTRA, NASA, NSF, ONR, and industry. Nathan also serves as the Chief Technology Officer for Shield AI, an artificial intelligence robotics company building products for the national security sector. Shield AI’s mission is to protect service members and civilians with artificially intelligent systems. At Shield AI, Nathan develops resilient intelligent autonomous systems capable of coordination and communication in challenging GPS-denied environments.